2 years ago RET Diploma Course


Dean Ramsden is happy to introduce his new Four Year Diploma Course in Relational Energy Therapy, taught at Centrum De Roos, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183

1071 BW Amsterdam

The Netherlands

This is a modular teaching program, where each on-site module contains stand-alone material and skills, but also provides an opportunity to deepen existing training and knowledge. Modules can be attended out of order, or you can choose the topic that most interests you. Casual students can attend, and serious students can choose to commit to the RET Diploma Program, which includes individual Skype tutorial work with Dean.

The Eight Modules are:

Module 1: focuses on the importance of first and second chakra function and health, with the emphasis on teaching the foundation skills for chakra cord work with a client (or, self-healing for use by an individual).

Module 2: Astral or Emotional Energy Body Healing Basics and practical application to chakra cord healing work (Dates: Saturday April 23 – Tuesday, April 26, 2017)

Module 3: Building an authentic self: Chakra & Chakra Cord Healing in Chakra Three and Chakra Four (Dates to be announced)

Module 4: Removing hidden obstacles: Astral Extraction Techniques, and applying The Big Three Mini-Series protocols

Module 5: Going beyond our programing: Chakra & Chakra Cord Healing in Chakra Five and Chakra Six

Module 6: Advanced Astral healing and emotional personal process work with chakra cords

Module 7: Upper Chakra (Talu and Guru) energy therapy skills, and applying The Six Session Series protocols

Module 8: Relational Energy Healing Therapeutic Process, and Integration skills

Cost during 2017 is 500 Euro per module.

Anyone can apply to participate in the on-site modules, without being committed to the 8-module Diploma Program.

Relational Energy Therapy is a modality that combines chakra and auric body development, chakra cord work, astral energy healing, and helpful dialogue, to support a positive shift in a clients physical health, emotional growth, and spiritual development. It combines Etheric body or structural psychic healing with Astral or emotional body work, within the context of the organic development or need of the client. It is not a transmission style such as Reiki, nor is it based on cathartic or neo-Reichian bodywork systems. Rather, it is learning to remove energetic hindrances in the client, and to support the development of inner resources, such that the client naturally evolves to the next level of their personal growth, or overcomes a medical challenge to their health.

RET Diploma Course students will work individually with Dean Ramsden over Skype between live modules, so as to deepen and refine their understanding and practice of the Relational Energy Healing approach. RET Diploma Course students will be required to complete 18 private tutorials per year. Tutorials are 140 USD per session, which includes supportive study material.


Dean Ramsden practices distance energy healing utilizing chakra development, relational chakra cord work, and astral healing skills. Dean works on your energy system over Skype, or using the telephone. He was born in England, & currently lives in Thailand.